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My grandfather used to tell me "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain".


In 2014 crippled with heavily medicated depression, hypothyroidism and anxiety I had to learn to look elsewhere for answers. I had to learn to dance. 

It took a new approach, a number of set backs and some huge leaps of faith. It has been and continues to be through self -study, undertaking formal courses and patience that I am learning to grasp how we can all look at life through a softer lens. Truly practicing 'Ahimsa' (non-violence) both inwardly in our thoughts and choices and outwardly in a world that needs connection now more than ever.

The powerful,  transformative effect of yoga, nutrition and exercise is something I will never be able to explain through words. It's a smile, a glint in a students eye, the sense of calm within a class during savasana, the strength of students who hold their heads a little higher and take risks they would never have taken in their work and personal lives. It's  reduction of pain, chronic symptoms, mental health concerns.....

I am now a trained:

500 hour Ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher who specialises in a movement based approach to yoga no 'one size fits all'

50 hour yin yoga teacher

Level 3 personal trainer

Level 5 nutritional therapist

BASRAT accredited sports masseuse

I use a combined approach to healing and health. Whether its mental, physical or training/recovering from injury or with a goal I mind. Let me help you reinvent your way of training.


I simply hope whether it's with me or with another teacher than everyone at some point is able to experience the wonderfully powerful gift of self-love and movement commitment for themselves.



Feel free to join me online to practice in the comfort of your own home

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"Katie is a wonderful teacher!! She is extremely patient and giving. I was very lucky to have her as a teacher on the 200 hour ashtanga vinyasa course at Sampoorna in Goa. Katie's classes are beautifully themed and thought out. She delivers clear and articulate lessons, and always explains how the the muscle groups are being used in various ways. She is very knowledgeable and logical when it comes to training our bodies but teaches how important it is to train our minds too! Highly recommended!"

Rhona Coogan - Student, India 2018

"Katie is an amazing teacher - thoughtful , insightful and a pleasure to work with. Yoga Manchester were very lucky indeed to have had Katie on our teacher rosta."

Matt Ryan - Owner, Yoga Manchester

"I was lucky enough to have Katie as a teacher on my TTC at Sampoorna. She is so encouraging and warm, her teaching style is extremely empathetic and she very tactfully helps you to discover your inner confidence to help you get into postures you never thought you could do! With Katie, there isn't really a student/teacher barrier - she is more like a friend you can openly talk to without any sense of ego. I love how everything she teaches is broken down into easy, understandable chunks so you really know what you're doing in a very safe way. I highly recommend attending her classes"

Megha Patel - Student, India 2018

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